We came up with the idea of driving a T2 camper, when we visited west chapel village by the sea in the Netherlands. There we saw a beautiful VW T2 Westfalia Bus, which had been driven by its temporary owners down to the sea.

Because both of us are fans of air-cooled VW vehicles anyway, we were immediately fire and flame!, and informed ourselves where we could get sucha vehicle to rent. Because we haven’t done this before, we didn’t know if a roadtrip with a campervan would be something for us. So we decided to rent a campervan T2 for a weekend. Apparently, renting works particularly well in the Netherlands. Here we quickly came across Camper Voet during our research.

Berti Tour00 2 1200x890 - Roadtrip: Steffi and Peter

We booked an appointment on the well structured and comprehensive website of Camper Voet and secured the bus Berti for one week in May.

On the first day of the trip we picked up Berti in Asperen, where we were very nicely received by Marcel and enjoyed a detailed introduction and advice over a cup of coffee. That same evening we started to de Kooy for a nature campsite, where we spent a very natural and idyllic night.

The next morning we continued early towards Den Helder, and finally by ferry to Texel. Here, with Berti’s help in wonderful weather, we visited the most beautiful places and beaches on the island. Finally, at de Koog we found a beautiful little and quiet place where we could load our and Bertis batteries, and spent a romantic barbecue.

thumbnail Berti Tour06 1200x987 - Roadtrip: Steffi and Peter

On the second night we had already become very accustomed to sleeping in the high roof and enjoyed the fresh air and natur-like sleeping in the roof tent to the bus.

thumbnail Berti Tour12 1 1200x900 - Roadtrip: Steffi and Peter

After breakfast we went on to the dunes in the north of Texel.

thumbnail Berti Tour08 1 - Roadtrip: Steffi and Peter

From there we soon had to face the return again, but due to Berti’s relaxed driving characteristics it became pure pleasure. Even the drive on the motorway is fun, not to mention cruising on the rural roads.

Thanks to the professional organization and support of the Camper Voet team, we were able to concentrate fully on the journey and it‘s pleasures.

Once at home, we immediately started searching for our own bus …